Golden Peg

Wind & Rain at Watmore Farm puts Fish Off.

This years Golden Peg match was held at Watmore Farm Fisheries in Eversley Cross, Hampshire. Each year the club try to find a new venue that none of the members have fished to even out the chances for everyone. With the golden peg funds from the individual matches having “rolled over” for quite some time the total prize money for the winner stands at around £350. Potentially not bad for five hours fishing.Watmore Farm lake is about 5 acres in size and containing some twenty five pegs in total. There are no real bank side features to fish to or trees for cover, so leaving the lake very exposed. As forecast, the rain was still falling when the anglers arrived at the lake and it looked as though it was here to stay. To start with, the wind was almost non existent but gradually became stronger as the morning progressed, making anything but feeder fishing  impossible.

Winning fish on the Golden Peg Match

The rain however cleared for the last two hours of the match giving everyone and their gear, a chance to dry out a little. Of the twelve anglers that took part only three managed to tempt any fish. The rest had no bites what so ever.  Well done to Derek for taking first place and the Golden Peg prize money. His catch of four carp is shown on the right. The results are as follows.


  1. D. Yates     11lb 10oz
  2. T. Blake        9lb 2oz
  3. B. Keirle       4lb 3oz
  4. J. Sitch         DNWI
  5. R. Hatchett   DNWI
  6. R. Norris       DNWI
  7. N. Norris       DNWI
  8. D. Clark         DNWI
  9. D. Pearce      DNWI
  10. M. McCarthy  DNWI
  11. S. McCarthy  DNWI
  12. S. Turvey      DNWI