Annual Match 2008

An Early Start For The First Match Of The New Season.

The first match of the new fishing season took place on Sunday 22nd June. A draw at 6.00am is not for the fient hearted, but none the less, a good show of anglers turned out. The Blackwater had been pegged the day before with some 16 or so swims that had been cleared over the previous two Sundays on working parties. Would the fish be hungry after their 3 month respite. Fishing would be from 7.00am until 12.00 midday with two trophies up for grabs, the overall match winner and one for the biggest fish of the match. The Morning was initially quite ovecast after the rain in the early hours. As the clouds cleared the wind unfortunately picked up making any feeder fishing quite difficult at times. The catch weights were not high at the end of the match as can be seen from the results below with all of the catches being made up of small fish. No large fish were forthcoming at all, although it is encouraging to see small chub, dace and roach in such numbers.

  1. S. McCarthy   4lb 2oz
  2. R. Norris         3lb 8oz (Biggest fish included)
  3. N. Norris         3lb 6oz
  4. C. Blackman   2lb 8oz
  5. D. Pearce       2lb 1oz (Golden Peg)
  6. B. Keirle         2lb 0oz
  7. K. Randall      1lb 4oz
  8. D. Chennell    14oz
  9. R. Hatchett     14oz
  10. M. McCarthy   6oz
  11. D. Yates         4oz
  12. J. Sitch           2.5oz