Hills Memorial Evening Match 1 2008

Fine Weather On The First Evening Match

The first of the Hills Memorial evening matches took place on Wednesday 25th June 2008. 7 anglers attended the rover match which was fished along the Blackwater. The evening was warm and pleasent with a gentle breeze stirring the trees and rippling the top of the water. No Barbel showed unfortunately but two good size chub averaging 4lb were taken. One of these fell to Bob Keirles pole fished bait, only to find him realising that his landing net was not set up. So after juggling the top kit between limbs and hoping that the aged pole elastic wouldn't snap the fish was finally landed. The results are below.

  1. B. Keirle         4lb  8oz (4lb Chub + Silvers)
  2. D. Pearce       4lb  4oz (Single Chub)
  3. J. Curtis          1lb  5oz (Silvers)
  4. S. McCarthy          8oz (Silvers)
  5. C. Blackman          6oz (Silvers)
  6. G. Howarth           DNWI
  7. B. Swindle            DNWI