Norris Cup 2008

Beale Park Stretch Of Thames Hosts Norris Cup

Sunday 6th July saw the second of the new seasons Sunday matches, the Norris Cup, held on the River Thames at the Beale Park in Lower Basildon. The draw had been scheduled for 8.00am as usual with the draw being held on the bank by the river. This would be a fair walk to the river from the car park so there would be no hanging around on this occassion. On arrival at the park, Bob Keirle, match secretary informed all that we would be fishing a stretch lower down the river and so off everyone went, only to find that the stretch was impossible to peg due to the amount of boats moored there overnight. We later found out that the baliffs had asked them to move on the previous day due to the match booking. More of a walk followed back to the bank that everyone was expecting to fish in the first place. The weather from the night before had forecast rain and sure enough, come 8.00am, the rain was surely abundant and remained for most of the morning.  A small break in the rain came around 1pm giving enough time for the umbrellas and luggage to sufficiently dry. The main catch last year on this stretch was small silvers, mainly Roach, with the troublesome Pike lurking in the cabbage weed as the matchmen brought their quarry ashore. Would it be small fish all round this year or would any brave souls try and tempt a big shoal of Thames bream?.

  1. B. Keirle         9lb 8oz (Carp)
  2. D. Clark          6lb 0oz (Bream & Chub)
  3. D. Yates        4lb 8oz (Bream)
  4. K. Randall            3oz (Perch)
  5. M. McCarthy        3oz (Perch)
  6. J. Sitch                DNWI
  7. N.Norris               DNWI
  8. R. Hatchett          DNWI
  9. D. Pearce            DNWI
  10. S. McCarthy        DNWI
  11. R. Norris              DNWI

Bad luck to Martyn who lost his first fish to a marauding Pike and to Jim who hooked a decent sized Eel but lost it after almost netting it twice with the hook finally giving way.