AGM Update

Reasonable Turn Out For Club AGM

The 33rd Swallowfield Fishing Club AGM was reasonably attended at The Davis Room on Tuesday 5th May. Roger Padbury, Club Chairman officially declared the meeting open and thanked the club officers and the committee members for their efforts over the year. Club Secretary, Doug Chennell, then gave his report on the happenings over the year. Jeff Curtis, Club Treasurer, gave his report on the clubs financial status, along with our membership to that Angling Trust. This takes advantage of the Fish Legal (formerly the ACA) aspect and the public liability insurance offered by the Trust. The membership proved to show a considerable saving on the insurance premiums the club would have had to pay by staying with its previous insurer. All were informed of the increase in Senior Membership fees from £20pa to £25pa and Colt Membership Fees from £2.50pa to £5.00pa. The printable forms on the web site now reflect this increase.

Martyn McCarthy, Membership Secretary, reported on a slight drop in overall membership numbers. Some existing members from 2007 had not rejoined for 2008 season, but this was offset by completey new members joining midway through 2008 and 2009. The current total stands at around 103 but a true figure should be available arounf the end of May when all of the subscriptions should have been recieved.

Bob Keirle, Match Secretary gave ghis report on the 2008 match season although this seemed somewhat of a bad weather report, probably hiding some over that match results that happened over the year. The highlight of the year being that charity match which saw a grand total of £1200.00 raised for The Jennifer Trust. Well done to Dave Clark who managed to pick up handfull of trophies along with the cup for being the overall match winner. Commiserations to Russ Hatchett who picked up the Blankers Cup for his efforts at not managing to catch a fish for nine matches, (time to give up we think).

Unfortunately, there weren't to many questions from those who attended, but Mink were mentioned once again. All were informed that the club does have a member that is officailly allowed to control the mink on club waters. And again, Please can you inform any one of the committee in some way or form, when and where you see mink on your fishing trips. We can only do this with your help, and pass on this information to the relevant people so to reduce the problem.

Following thye recent lock in of one of our members in the parish hall car park during a night fishing trip, it was suggested that some keys for that bollards be made available to prevent this situation happening again. The keys would require a deposit, with no time limit, which would be refundable once the keys are handed back to the club. A few interested parties names were taken, so please keep an eye on the website for updates as to what is happening.

The club would like to thank all of those who attended the meeting and paid their subscriptions on the night. Everyone should have had a letter in the post with this years fees and a match schedule. Please can we remind everyone that your subscriptions should reach us by 10th May.