Rivers Nearly Ready

Working Parties Crack On With River Banks (updated 31/05/09)

The last two working parties have seen a good attendance from the club members with a considerable amount of effort put in from those present. All but the swims along beat 8 have been attended to. The swim known as "Bayliss's Garden" is now clear and fishable after showing a lot of tree damage and vegetation. Hopefully, the next working party should conclude the main work on beat 8 which normally tends to be more easily managed. We are of course aware that some of what we have tried create may not be for some of the more adventurous of you, so if you wish to create your own swims then please do so, but take care as always. Over the next few days, the park estate manager wil be contacted and asked, if it would be possible to send the tractor and topper along the banks to create a decent walkway, so please bear with us on this.


All of what appears to be any major work has now been carried out along the beats of the rivers where the majority of the popular swims are. Overall this should cover pretty much all of everyones needs, hopefully. There are some plies of logs and branches that have been left along side the river but these should be collected in time.