Sheep & Electric Fence

Electric Fence Within Swallowfield Park (Update 31/05/09)

As you may or may not be aware, Swallowfield Park is now being grazed by sheep rather than cattle as in previous years. Along the majority of the road and river boundries is an electric fence. Everyone still has access to all of the river banks but please be aware of its presence and the chance of catching it with some form of tackle while walking or fishing when the new season begins. Any further changes or information on this, and the website will be updated.


The club has spoken to the farmer who graze the sheep withing Swallowfield Park with regard to the distance between the river banks and the electric fence itself and they will shortly be looking at moving the fence line into the field a little more to give better access along the banks, so please bare with us on this, the matter is in hand and a mutual agreement reached without any unpleasentries.