Exchange Permits

 Exchange Permits For Club Members

Swallowfield Fishing Club has now negotiated 4 exchange permits with Adventure Angling Society to fish Willow Pool at Bramley. These will be available from Doubles Garage along with the permits to fish the Stacey's lakes in Tadley. However, following the committee meeting held on the 9th June 2009, it was put forward that a financial deposit should be applied when issuing them which would be refunded on the return of the permit. The reason for this is that the existing permits we hold are not being returned at the end of the day or first thing the following morning. Instead they are being kept for long periods of time and consequently not being available for others to use. On that basis the club felt it needed some way of having these permits returned and decided to impose this requirement. The conditions for the issue of these permits are below.

  1. A refundable deposit of £10 will be required for the issue of each permit.
  2. The name and contact number of the person requesting the permits will be taken.
  3. The permit must be returned at the end of the day or by 12.00 noon latest the following day or the deposit WILL NOT be refunded.
  4. Should the permit not be returned as stated above, its number will be reported to the issuing club and it will become void.