Machinery Leaves Decoy Pond

Major Works Complete On Decoy Pond.

The 1st August 2009 saw the heavy machinery leave Swallowfield Decoy Pond after completing the major silt removal from the lake. The very hot weather over May & June had seen the bed of the lake dry out rather well in most places but the rain throughout July soon made life difficult for the 13 ton excavator on hire from John Stacey & Sons. Because of the rain and the remaining silt now becoming very wet a 9 ton Dumper was hired to transport any remaining silt onto the banks to be spread out and used at a later date for back filling of fishing stations and general bank leveling. Shortly afterwards, a small 5 ton excavator was hired to tidy & grade the surrounding banks where access was difficult for the larger machine.

The banks will now need to be left to dry out and firm up over the coming weeks so that any final tidying up can take place prior to seeding and the building of the fishing stations. It has been recommended that the lake should have a covering of Hydrated Lime to bring the PH level of the soil back to a neutral state as the disturbance of the works will cause the bed to become slightly acidic.

Swallowfield Fishing Club would like to thank John Stacey & Sons for supplying the machinery for this project and especially Keith Brown for his help and advice throughout the works and the Steve Archer, the driver for his time and skill on the excavators. Our thanks also go to Dominic Martyn of the Environment Agency for his guidance, time, help and major enthusiasm since the beginning of this project. To Martin Moore of Moore & Moore Carp for his initial visit with regards to fish stocking in the future and the advise we will be seeking over the coming months. Finally a big thank you to all of those club members who have put there time and effort into being on site during the excavation works if only to make tea, coffee and bacon rolls.

The last two years of planning see the club another step closer to completing the project with the major obstacle of silt removal now out of the way. We are now somewhat at the hands of nature to help return the lake to a more natural state and to encourage the wildlife to once again take up residence in the immediate vicinity. There will be a period of about one season before the water will see any fish and this is of course dependant on the lake being filled with water. Until the point of getting the machinery into the pond, it had been a major struggle to keep the pond dry. Lets hope we now do not face the opposite of this.

The pictures of the works will be posted in the gallery when they have been collected from the various sources and collated into some form of order to show the progress through the operation. Please bare with us on this as there appears to be quite a few, but an update will be posted ASAP.