Decoy Pond Starts To Fill

Heavy Rain And Rising River Brings Water To Pond

The recent rain on the 6th & 7th of October upstream of Swallowfield caused the Loddon & Blackwater rivers to rise significantly. Although this is a fairly normal occurrence on these rivers after rain, the Decoy Pond within Swallowfield Park is now beginning to fill from the River Loddon via the sluice connected to the drainage ditch along side the pond.

There has been no major rainfall for some weeks now, but this last amount of rain has been most welcome in respect of getting some water back into the lake. The current levels of water within the river at present will only be sufficient to fill the pond to the lower drain hole on the sluice which will them have to be capped to stop water loss. The remaining water will have to come over the sluice wall via a pump or a flood event. This now means the club can apply the Siltex to the pond to stabilise the pH levels ready for stocking and enabling maximum plant and fish growth in the future.