Annual Match 2012

Bright And Early Start On The Annual

This is the first cup match of the new season, and along with the winners trophy is a prize for the largest fish. The gusty wind from the previous evening was still around at time but nowhere near as strong and the bright sunshine was a good start for the 6am draw at Swallowfield. The match had been set as a rover, giving the anglers a walk off order depending on the number they had drawn from the bag. The rain, in any quantity at least, had held off the the last couple of days although the river retained its high level, colour and pace. Who would try for the small fish and who would sit and wait for something bigger. The largest fish,  Perch of 1lb 8oz went to D.Yates. The results are below.

Derek Yates 1 2lb 9oz 12
Dave Clark 2 2lb 1oz 11
Norman Norris 3 1lb 0oz 10
Bob Keirle 4 0lb 14oz 9
Steven Fairbrother 5 0lb 6oz 8
Dave Pearce 6 0lb 2oz 7
Ron Norris 6 0lb 2oz 7
Jim Sitch 8 DNWI 2