Working Parties

Rivers Shaping Up For Coming Season

 A big thank you to all of you who came along to the recent working parties on the 19th and the 26th May. The first Sunday concentrated on the River Blackwater clearing swims in the river and cutting weed in the relevant places where anglers might place a bait. Minimal amounts of bankside cover have been removed and some of these have now been numbered for match purposes. The numbers only run from the top stretch on the Blackwater to the bridge at present but will be extended within the next week or two. Those within the river also assessed the bed gravels and quality and indicated the deep and shallow areas of the river as everyone made their way down. This was done about two or three years ago and some changes are quite noticeable, even in this short space of time.

Sunday 26th saw seven volunteers start on the River Loddon at the confluence with the Blackwater. Working their way upstream, common clubrush (pipeweed as some might call it) was cut away giving better access to overhanging trees and features on the opposite bank. The bed quality on this stretch however is vastly different from the Blackwater, being mainly fine sandy gravel and silt although generally greater in overall water depth with deep pockets in some unexpected places.

Overall, for just two sunday mornings work so far, it can be amazing what can be achieved with the volunteers and a little effort. Just watching somebody wading the river and looking at depth changes around features gives some good indications of where fish might be.

Sunday 2nd is a possibility for another working party so keep an eye on the forthcoming events and calendar for confirmation.