Loddon Consultative January 2008

Consultative Gains Momentum.

The January meeting of the LFCC was held on the 22nd January at Hurst Golf Club and once again very well attended by the clubs, groups and organisations that make up the Loddon Fisheries Consultative Committee. Hopefully, over time and with the efforts of not only the fishing clubs, but other bodies such as the Environment Agency, Thames Water, Natural England and the Wild Trout Trust etc, a better understanding can be gained on improving the areas around the Loddon and Blackwater Rivers.

Ideas such as Flood Risk Management, the effects of anglers baits in rivers & stillwaters, Koi Herpes Virus, Water quality and effluent discharge, Spawning grounds etc are some of the things that the committee are concerned with.

One such comment was regarding Grayling and Trout within the Loddon and Blackwater Rivers. Although most of the members of Swallowfield are well aware of the Trout within the club waters, what about the Grayling?. Maybe some of the longer serving members of the club remember these fish in our waters and could pass on some information as to whether these fish were native to the Loddon or Blackwater.

Another concern of the committee was that of housing development within the Loddon & Blackwater catchment and the Basingstoke Water Cycle Study. This basically sets out to determine the effects of developments on the Loddon & Blackwater rivers for the future.

Hopefully with this committee now in place, all of the fishing clubs involved, can gain a better understanding of how to maintain their stretches of rivers and any stillwaters they may have. This should, in time provide better fish environments and habitats and hopefully better fishing for all individual club members.