Trees In The Rivers

Environment Agency Encourages Club To Leave Fallen Trees

Now that the rivers are open again to the angling world, most of you will come across at some point, the fallen trees that are now in the rivers. In previous years, the trees have always been removed as they had been seen as a major obstruction to the water flow of the rivers. Studies by the EA have shown that unless the debris within the river will be a substaintial flood risk, then it should be left alone it will provide shelter for fish and encourage them to stay within the stretches of SFC waters. The other major effect of this debris will be the rivers ability to scour around and underneath the fallen trees withing the river, exposing new gravel etc that spawning fish need to lay the eggs.

There is a PDF document on the Printable PDF's page with regards to Woody Debris in rivers with a little more detail, if anyone would wish to read this.

At present there are two major trees in the water on the Blackwater below Pitts Bridge. The first has been there since midway through last season and has already started producing good Chub on matches. There second is down towards the confluence of the Blackwater and Loddon. The EA has already assessed this and have told the club that there is no flood risk from this being in the water. They have requested it be left there to study its effects as they forsee an island formation over time as the water works its way around this obsticle.

You may all have had your days when the rivers seem to be completely empty, certainly the match anglers have seen very small catches on numerous occasion. So with a little more of an open mind, the club reviewed what it had done over the years with regards to trees in the rivers and though that just maybe by clearing all these potential fish holding areas, it was making the fishing worse for its members.

So maybe in the future, we as anglers should not be thinking of these trees as blockages and snags, but as fish holding and spawning areas, and to test and perfects our skills at not loosing tackle.

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