Members Update

AGM Notifcation - Notice to Existing Members

Please would all exisitng members that indicated that they would like to recieve updates and invitations by email note that the invitations for the forthcoming AGM have now been sent as of 14/04/19. We would ask that you check your Spam and Junk Folders where necessary. We cannot be responsible if your details have changed since your membership application and you have not kept the club informed of any changes.

For those members that dont have an email address, the AGM letter will be sent out by post the week starting 15/04/19

Anuunal General Meeting 2019

Swallowfield Fishing Club AGM 2019


Please Note: - Meeting Date Ammendment - The AGM will now be held on the 22nd May

The Annual General Meeting 2019 has been scheduled for 19.30, 22th May 2019 at The Davis Room, Swallowfield Village Hall, Swallowfield. We are hoping to have all of the invitations out to members sometime in April either by email or letter dependant upon you preference when you joined the club.

New and Renewed Memberships will be valid from the 16th June 2019. Not Before!!!

Please, Please, Please - It is vitally important that the club has up to date contact information and to ensure that its members get their invitations and other notifications when necessary. Therefore would everyone either renewing or joining for the first time, make sure they complete a membership form and send it along with their payment. Failure to do so will delay your membership.

If you are planning on attending the AGM and paying your subs at the meeting, please bring a completed form with you as this will make the process quicker on the day although there will be forms available on the day..

The membership form can be downloaded from here, All of the contact details are on the bottom of the form or here.