The Angling Trust

Angling TrustAngling Trust Launch 2009.

Various Angling groups unite to form a single

Angling Body.



As you all may be aware, the 14th January 2009 saw the offical launch of The Angling Trust, the one voice of angling, which brought together various groups and organisations already in operation, to form a single body to speak up for the 3 million or so anglers within th United Kingdom.  A video of the launch can be found by following this link.

The Angling trust web address is alson on the front  page of Swallowfield Fishing Clubs web site and on the web links page as well. The club will be joining the Angling Trust in due course to show its support for this body and to take advantage of the various insurance schemes etc, on offer to members. The club would also encourage individals to take out membership with the Angling Trust, to gain maximum benefit from what they have to offer.