Car Park Access

Parish Hall Access Out Of Hours
As some of you who attended the AGM at the beginning of May or have kept an eye on the web site, would be aware of the idea that keys could be potentially made available for a hire charge for those who regularly night fished and had sometimes found the Parish Hall bollards locked. The initial uptake on the idea at the meeting was very positive and since then further members have come forward requesting their names to be added to the possible list of key holders. The club secretary has recently spoken to the Parish Clerk and put forward the idea of the keys, but, as the list of names has become somewhat larger since the meeting, the Parish Clerk felt that the number of keys that needed to be issued was far to great. However, what has been proposed is as follows. A key is kept accessible from within the Parish Hall itself and can be accessed from the main entrance. Entry to this is via a keypad and combination that the Council are willing to issue to the fishing club. On that basis anyone that put their name down or requested a key will be issued with the code when it becomes available. You MUST place the key back in its original location after you have let yourself in or out as the case maybe and ensure all doors/gates etc are closed. Further details will be added when they become available. The code will not be on the web site for obvious reasons.