Water Voles

Water VoleDecline In Water Voles, Have you seen them on Club Waters?

The Blackwater Valley Countryside Partnership are currently seeking any information from local groups & clubs that have the use of the Blackwater River or Stillwaters within the Blackwater Valley area on sightings of Water Voles. The decline of this water loving rodent has been mainlt brought about by the increase in the mink population since the early nineties. If regular sightings of water voles in areas such as our club waters, it may be possible that grant funding will be given to then control the mink population and ensure the return of the water vole. If anyome does happen to see these creatures on fishing trips in the future, then we would be grateful if you would let the club know or pass on the information on the sightings to the partnership themselves. The picture below shows the difference between a water vole and a water rat which are also common along the river banks. The Time, Date, Loaction and numbers should of the sighting should suffice.

Water Vole or Water RatThe Blackwater Valley Countryside Partnership Link is below that has all of the relavant information and contact details.


Please use the contact us page of our website to pass on any information for us to forward.