New Club Website

Old Software Forces Club Website Upgrade

For a few years now, the clubs web site has been running on the free Joomla software. Unfortunately as of this month the particluar version being used by so many is no longer being supported in the way of upgrades, components & modules which combine to make the software work together. The new version, Joomla 1.5 should be with us for quite a while hopefully and with  a lot of the components & modules now rewritten from the old version, the new club site should hopefully be alomost identical in functionality to the old but with a few more enhancements along the way. We would ask you to update your old links should you have any in your favourites folder etc and bare with us should there be a few missing links etc along the way. All of the user information has been taken across from the old site so there should be no need to reset passwords etc aswell as all of the newsletter subscriber information. The picture gallery and the clothing page are a little different in appearance due to updated components but no more complicated than the last.