The Lost World Of Mr Hardy

 The Lost World Of Mr. Hardy

Sunday 22nd November 1.15pm & 4.00pm, The Corn Exchange, Newbury.

A Special Screening Followed By a Q&A With The Filmmaker.

 Thye Losat World Of Mr Hardy

The film...

Jackie is a straight talking, bright eyed craftsman of 85. He says he would much rather work again in the 1930s than in today’s world. Jackie spent his fifty year working life at Hardy’s of Alnwick, much of the fishing tackle he once hand crafted now sits in private collections.
Hardy’s made everything from intricate salmon flies to beautiful cane fishing rods but nowadays working by hand is a thing of the past. With this inevitable progress is there something else we have also lost? Could the pride behind the handmade reflect some deeper need to connect with our surroundings? Experience a beautiful, evocative story about what it means to dedicate your working live to the pursuit of perfection.

Documentary - 93 mins


Inspired By...

Our modern world has lost touch with an indescribable"something", which both the craftsman and angling seem to represent. The firm of Hardy's from the small town of Alnwick up on the England - Scotland border, always seems to epitomise the magic "something". Even as a teenage fly fisherman I was intrigued by how this family fishing tackle company had become so adored around the world. Thirty years later in our post industrial age I was fascinated to realise this company still has a special place in the hearts of millions. I wanted to discover why. What made them so special - what is it they represent? The Lost World Of Mr Hardy is the result, and for us it was a very special journey into a disappearing world. Andy Heathcote Filmmaker.

About Trufflepig Films...

There are many great stories which the mainstream film industry just wont go near. At Trufflepig, we realised these are just the kind of films we want to make, so that's what we do, totally independently. A bit like a craftsman of old, we hone warm well made stories, show them independently and offer a new kind of film for film goers.

Produced & Directed by Andy Heathcote and Heike BachelierTrufflepig Films

Music Composed by Stephen Daltry

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