Bylaws Proposals

Bylaw Proposals Following Public Consultation.

Following the public consultation implemented by the Environment Agency back in September. The proposed new bylaws effecting fish removal by rod and line and the closed season for trout and salmon have now been put forward. Some of you may have even taken part in the survey and expressed your opinions.

The summary of responses to the survey can be found here.

The new bylaw proposals can be read by following each link below.

Coarse Fish, Eel & Shad Removal Bylaw

Stillwater Brown Trout Closed Season

SSSI Coarse Fish Closed Season Bylaw

Gaff & Tailer Bylaw Repeals

Please note that although the Environment Agency has set limits within these bylaws, it also states that tighter limits may be set by the own/occupier. The clubs current rule that No fish can be removed without the permission of the committee will still stand and that we will look to the Environment Agency for full support should any issue arise