Tree Removal On River Blackwater

Tree Removal On The River Blackwater.

Over the last couple of weeks, it had been reported to the Fishing Club that two large trees had come down into the River Blackwater within Swallowfield Park. The trees had fallen into the river just below the gauging station at the top end of the club waters and just before the confluence of where the River Blackwater rejoins itself some 50 yards downstream of the gauging station. In most cases, the club would not remove any large woody debris like this as it provides excellent fish holding areas, but in some cases potential debris build up and flood risk have to be assessed. The Environment Agency were informed of the two trees and assessments were made as they were too large for any of the clubs working parties to tackle. There are no further plans to remove any other trees from the rivers as they are not deemed a flood risk and there is no height difference in water levels between the upstream and downstream side of the obstruction. With the careful management and removal of any build up of debris around these obstructions in the water, the habitat for all forms of wildlife can still be kept in place.