National Angling Survey

Take The National Angling Survey.

Anglers in England and Wales have been given a unique opportunity to highlight the issues that matter to them and their fishing by the Environment Agency, which has commissioned the Angling Trust to carry out the largest ever survey of freshwater and sea anglers.

The 10 minute online survey ( was launched today and will be live until Friday 31st August. It aims to find out the issues that are important to anglers so that more can be done to increase angling participation and improve the quality of fishing available. It will be promoted to anglers through thousands of fisheries, angling clubs, tackle shops and via the Environment Agency's database of anglers. All anglers, from novices to experts, are encouraged to take part.

The survey is part of a National Angling Participation Plan which aims to introduce more people to fishing and to help existing anglers fish more often through improving access, providing information and improving fish stocks. The Plan is being co-ordinated by the Angling Trust, which is the representative body for angling in England, but it will involve scores of other organisations who are dedicated to improving angling and increasing participation. A series of meetings will be held throughout the summer with these organisations and the Plan will be launched in the autumn at an Angling Summit with Environment and Fisheries Minister Richard Benyon MP.