Invasive Alien Species Apps

IAS Apps Available

Two apps are available to help track the distribution and spread of IAS. We are a small team based in R&D/ILRT at the University of Bristol. Our team consists of developers, designers, a usability expert and a project manager (who is also a rogue ecologist). We work with researchers and organisations to help them use smartphone technology to leverage the power of citizen science. Working closely with you, we evaluate how crowd-sourcing with GPS phone technology can most effectively help you to gather useful data; then we build the custom software to do it. By making use of re-usable components, we keep the costs down.

There is one app for aquatic animals: and another app for aquatic and riparian plants There is some general information about the NatureLocator project at: Do make sure you only download the apps from the links given above otherwise you may find yourself downloading a games app and paying for it!