New Membership Form 2018

New Style Membership Form


As of 20th April 2018, the club has released a new membership form which we hope will make things a little easier. We have removed the need to use a seperate form for each type of membership offered and condensed this into one form. In future this is the only form you will need to download and use to apply for any type of membership with Swallowfield Fishing Club. Please take your time, read it carefully and fill out the appropriate sections.


The club has also decided to discontinue the pro-rata membership for new adult members and instead offer Half Yearly Membership for any adult wanting to fish the rivers or pond from 15th December to the 15th June of the following year at £35.00. The Joining fee will still be applicable to new members.

The form can be downloaded from HERE or from the Membership page if you would like more information.