Working Party - Decoy Pond 27th July

A big thank you to all of those who managed to attend the working party on the Decoy Pond on the 27th July 2019. The weed growth has been rather prolific over the warmer months which has made getting a bait into the water rather difficult. The turn out was pleasantly suprising with 10 volunteers helping on the day. All of the swims were cleared and made fishable although some weed remains to help get oxygen back into the water during the daytime. The club must extend its gratitude and thanks to Barney, Lee, Nigel, Norman, Martin, Russ, Bob, Lee and Debbie for their help, but most of all to young Mia for coping with a rather oversize pair of chest waders, getting in the water and pulling out weed along with the rest of us., A true inspriation, Well done young lady.

There will be some more working parties in the near future on the river in preparation for the gravel introductions and on the pond to pollard some of the island trees. We will send out emails nearer the time, hopefully with a little more notice.

Once again, many thanks to those who attended today.