Fishing During the Covid-19 Restrictions

Notice To All Members.

Please can all members note, that with the current restrictions in place imposed by the UK Government, Fishing is NOT one of the permitted forms of excerise even if you would be alone and isolated on the fishery. Guidance from the Angling Trust indicates that NO ONE should be fishing ANYWHERE, and as a result, Swallowfield Fishing Club must also ask its members not to fish.

As you may be aware, the Decoy Pond is not normally effected by the closed season, However given the current restrictions we must respect the residents of Swallowfield Park, some of which are elderly and vunerable and those which are already self isolating are using the grounds a little more than normal.

Members Of the Committee have been given permission to periodically inspect the Decoy Pond as part of managing the fishery but NOT to fish.

The club understands that this is frustrating and we will all want to get back on the bank as soon as possible, but we must remain safe and well in the mean time.