Loddon Consultative April 2008

Third Consultative Meeting Held At Sherfield Oaks

The evening of the 24th April brought together the members of the Loddon Fisheries Committee & Consultative once again, discuss and review the developments within the River Loddon & Blackwater Catchment.

Representatives from Basinstoke & Deane Council and their contractor Halcrow explained pahse 2 of the Basingstoke Water Cycle Study. This was commission by Basingstoke & Deane Council to look into the effects of future housing developments in Basingstoke and the impact upon the River Loddon with regards to effluent discharge from sewage treatment works. This part of the study involves looking at the current ecology of the river which include areas such as plant & invertibrate life, river geology and river flow, all of which could be effected by these developments.

The Environment Agency outlined thier plans for Flood Risk Assessment & Management which is to be completed over a two year period.

The Stillwater Management Workshop planned by the Environment Agency has been set for the 7th June 2008 at Dinton Pastures. The workshop is intended for those who have or are starting some form of fishery and require more knowledge and information into the management of these facilities.

Future topics and areas of discussion included, Koi Herpes Virus, Otters, Further information on Large Woody Debris in rivers, Possible talks by well know anglers on various forms of fishing.

The next meeting is planned for Thursday 24th July.