About Us

 Swallowfield Fishing club was founded in 1976 with the considerable support from the then Lord & Lady Bearstead.  The club controls the fishing rights on ther Loddon and Blackwater rivers within the confines of Swallowfield Park, in the small village of Swallowfield, off the A33, south of Reading. Map here. In addition to the rivers, there is access to the Decoy Pond within the grounds of Swallowfield House, to which the club has exclusive rights as well.  The rivers contain a variety of coarse fish including Barbel, Chub & Perch along with a good head of Wild Brown Trout.  The Decoy Pond is stocked with Tench, Crucians, Roach, Rudd, Bream & Perch. Guest tickets are available to members to bring others onto the club waters.  The club has a committee made up of approximately 12 members which meet regularly every month to discuss matters arising and to keep the club running as smoothly as possible.  The annual general meeting is normally held in May of each year to allow members to come and ask questions and share their concerns.  Working together with the land owner and the environment agency, voluntary working parties maintain the river banks and the decoy pond as best they can throughout the year to make the waters fishable for its members. All together there are just over 100+ members made up of adults, seniors, juniors and families which make Swallowfield Fishing Club the light hearted and friendly club that it is. We have various matches organised throughout the season, which are not to serious, for those wishing to partake in a little friendly competition, one of which raises money for a local charity of choice every year. All of the fish caught by club members are returned to the water, safely and unharmed when they have been caught.  Regulation keep nets are used on all matches and fish are kept for the duration of the match or no more than 5hrs.  Specimen size fish are weighed and returned to the water immediately to recover and be released. The club fully understands the importance of fish welfare and the surrounding enviroment so that its members can fully enjoy what the club has to offer. We are members of and fully support the Angling Trust and its work.

The club are also members of the Loddon Fisheries & Conservation Consultative (LFCC) who deal with various issues effecting the Loddon catchment.