August To December 2007

With the July floods now over and the waters subsided, the remaining reeds were cut down from around the pond. Even by just removing this part of the vegetation, it was amazing to see just how much water area had been lost to the reed invation. On completion of this part of the operation, at least an acre of pond had revealed itself to those putting in the effort. With the worst part of the defoliation over and having a clear area to work with, the lake needed to be drained of as much water as possible to make the measuring of the silt as easy as possible. The pond already had a sluice at one end which drained into a ditch eventually leading to the River Loddon some 250 yards downstream. The front outlet hole unfortunately was only about the sice of a house brick  and being blocked, didn't let out much water. Ideal  for keeping the water in. The rear sluice outlet, a 9" clay pipe was free and unobstructed, so it was decided to completey remove the front wall of the sluice to let out the water as it would need to be rebuilt at a later date anyway.

Because most of the pond bed was lower than the sluice outlet meant that not all of the water could be drained natually from the pond. This would need to be pumped out into the adjacent ditch behind the pond. Initially, the club hired a 3" bore trash pump for the weekend towards the end of December to try and gauge how long it would take to remove the ramaining water so that the silt depth reading could be taken. The pump took roughly 16 hours to remove the water that was left, although with the overall deeper end of the pond being around the sluice area, the water drained down to this point over time requiring the pump to be hired again at a later date. As predicted, this would continue to be the case and so the club invested in their own pump to do the job which would turn out to be a very wise choice.

 November 2007