May 2010

May 2010

The 9th May was the first chance anyone had had to get to the pond to continue the tidying work on the banks. Luckily there was not too much to finish off. The remaining unwanted items were burned where possible and the rest taken away and disposed of in the appropriate manner. The last fishing station still remains unfilled as the nesting swans eggs have not hatched as yet. Some of the patchy areas of earth were dusted over with some more grass seed, with the original seeded areas really greening up nicely. The surrounding trees are now filling with leaves and starting to provide some excellent cover and body to the whole area along with the marginal plants that have come back to life.

The planted Lillie's that had been removed prior to the excavation works are also now showing through, with the leaves now breaking the surface in places. The yellow flag Iris are showing  around the pond although to early for flowers yet, it makes a change from the reeds that had dominated before. Some "Arrowhead" plants have been put in on some of the sparser areas of the bank. Theses floating leaved plants should also spread out and provide fish cover as well as features foe the angler to fish to.

The 9th May also saw the stocking of about 1000 Rudd into the pond by Martin Moore of Moore & Moore Carp Ltd. The fish ranging from 3" to 8" were the first lot of silver fish to go into the pond to join the Tench and Crucian Carp already there. Should any Carp become available then the club will take those for the pond but it is expected that these would be available towards the autumn as a matter of course. Any Perch that are to be stocked will be done in the winter and when the recent stockings have had a chance to spawn.

The lack of rain has seen the water level fall slowly as the vegetation continues to grow. The 23rd May once again involved general tidying along with some river work on the Loddon. The Canada Goose that had been nesting on the bottom island now has seven or eight goslings along with the swan that had 4 signets during the last week of May. This had been reported by one of the residents of the house who had been monitoring the activities and noted that they had quickly moved over to the river. This leaves the club free to finish the last station where the swan had been nesting.

The next few working parties will be concentrated on the rivers getting them ready for the opening season on the 16th of June. This will mainly envolve the tidying of the banks and any debris that may have backed up against trees etc, after which we shall continue with the pond ready for October.