July 2010

July 2010

The continuing dry spell over the last few months had certainly taken its toll on the water levels not only in the pond but along the rivers as well. The fish however have not seemed to have been bothered at all and the abundance of fry in the marginal areas probably meant they had been spawning. The fry are still too small to identify with looking really closely which would mean trying to catch a few samples with a net. It would be nice to know that the original stocked fish were continuing the population and what fish were actually reproducing.

Although there have been some rather heavy rain showers at times, there has still been insufficient to make a real difference to the water level and the rivers only rising very minimally. We are continuing to pump our daily allowance of 20 cubic meters (4000 gals) of water from the river when we can but this will take some time. At least something is better than nothing.

Mid July saw a deer walking the footpath of the pond along with orange and blue flash of the kingfisher making its way along the lake, just above the water. The moor hens and their young are still resident and doing their best to eat all of the weeds under the water surface. The lillies planted before the lake filled continue the flower along with the purple loostrife, now in abundance, an the yellow flag iris.

The pictures below show the pond at its current water level and the regrowth of the plants around the pond.

View from Top End Bottom Island View up the Pond