July To September 2011

July To September 2011

The pond has been slowly maturing over the last 3 months, changing its colours as the different flowering plants come into bloom. The arrival of some decent quantities of rain have helped no end although on the downside, the really heavy hard rain has flattened some of the more taller fragile vegetation. Those who continue to pleasure fish on the pond have seen regular catches of Rudd along with the bream, a few Tench and the odd Carp and Crucian which still appear to be somewhat elusive. The Perch are still nowhere to be seen, but fingers crossed, a good one will eventually turn up.

Late August brought with it the Swallowfield Show and this turned up a surprise from the pond. Some insect life needed to be collected from the pond for the display at the show and after pulling out some of the Stonewort, small crucian carp where found hiding within its tangled mass. These proved to be from a spawning at some point in 2011, and given that only one or two Crucians had been caught up to that point confirmed that all appeared well.

A brief working party in mid September to tidy the swims also turned up another surprise when a light raking of four swims turned up some very young Tench, possibly from 2010 and 2011. The pictures below show just how small these fish are and puts down any doubts about how well the fish are surviving.


wokingham-20110911-00042 20110911 1399720189 wokingham-20110911-00044 20110911 1939220423

These are really encouraging signs, as fish this size are rarely caught by conventional methods. Given the naivety of the club with regards to this project, its only goes to strengthen  the emphasis of getting the project properly prepared from the beginning.