October & Novmber 2011

October & November 2011

The mild weather over the last couple of months has seen the margins and islands stay green and full of life way beyond what would normally be the start of inset of winter. As this is being written at the of November the gusty wind has been at its strongest, taking the leaves from the trees that should have been gone long before now. The pond has seen a couple of matches with the results being somewhat poor. The Algae, which had been more than useful to the fish as regards spawning was concerned, became more of a hindrance for the anglers, despite a morning raking out swims a week or so before the next match. Hopefully, when the frosts arrive, and that might be debatable given the strange weather to date, the algae will die back.

The second match seemed to be hampered by a lot of pike activity around the shoals of Rudd when the anglers did eventually get the fish to feed. The pond would need to be electrofished again to remove these. This took place on the 26th November and it was expected that a few pike would be caught. From the activity during the matches, some of the pike looked as though they could have put on a bit of weight, but the results would give an idea of what was in residence.

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From initially wading in the pond during the electrofishing session, the algal weed could only be felt dragging on the boots at the bottom of the pond, giving the impression that the die back was underway. Hopefully, this might improve the fishing a little in the future and we wait to see what happens next year.

The photo to the right shows the 40 pike that were caught during the electrofishing session. Two passes were made over the pond with most of the fish being taken from open water rather than in marginal cover. They were all of roughly the same size, indicating that they were all from the same year class and had not entered the pond at a later date. These would have been from the spawning pair that had entred the lake during the floods about two years ago. The fish were released back into the river Loddon under the terms of the consent granted by the Environment Agency.  A big thank you to Martin Moore of Moore & Moore Carp Ltd for taking the time to do this for the club and to those members who helped out on the day.

The common carp were also seen during the session and great care was taken not to stun these fish along with some of the larger Rudd and Bream. Small fry were still present all over the pond despite the cooling temperatures.

A number of other fish were caught during the session. The pictures below were taken just before their release back into the pond.

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