December 2011 & January 2012

December 2011 & January 2012

Going back a year or so to December 2010, the pond had been frozen solid for nearly a month. A stark contrast to the end of 2011 with the unseasonably warm weather for the time of year. The Stronewort algae that had been so prolific until late autumn now only seems to be sat in a very thin layer on the lake bed and we hope that is where it will remain or even better, die out completely. The water level continues to hold as it appears the water table is now quite high as the usual areas of flooded fields continue to remain wet as they had done in the past.

The floating island has done really well this year with more than expected growth of plants. Hope are high that next year will bring the same but with a little more colour from the Iris and Purple Loosestrife. As with the Island the vegetation around the banks id dying back with only the straw coloured reeds remaining vertical along with the bare branches of the surrounding trees.

The visiting bird life has varied over the months with the disappearance of the Coots that were nesting over the summer. One or two have returned for short spells but have gone as fast as they came. Large groups of Mallards have been using the water and hopefully we will see some pairs take up nesting places over the summer. We also await the return of the swans to see if they will also nest.

Once again, we seem to be free from the onslaught of cormorants, although by saying this might be tempting fate. Individual birds have been seen on the lake but have flown when human presence has been sensed.

The movement of Pike over the cooler period seems to have been a lot less since that last electro fishing session which is encouraging although it we be wrong to think there aren't a few still remaining. Bigger fish have been seem lazily topping around the floating island and using this as a refuge as intended. Possibly a fishing session might prove this point.

Regular maintenance continues whenever the need arises along with the scheduled matches and pleasure sessions from individual anglers within the club.