February to April 2012

February to April 2012

The decoy pond has remained reasonably quiet over the earlier months with little activity in general. The water level has remained fairly constant despite the lack of rainfall. There had been little fishing done on the pond while the rivers remained open until the start of the closed season with everyone making the most of the large chub being provide by the rivers.

joomplu:463The lake became frozen over for a short period in early February as can be seen from the picture. The last time any major freezing occurred was back in November 2010 when the pond remained frozen for quite some time.









The water surface did start to develop an algal bloom during the early spell of warm weather but this seemed to be dispersed with the first major shower and hasn't returned. The large amounts of filamentous algae from last year has died down considerably over the colder months and we hope it wont return as bad this year. This die back will probably mean the survival of any fry from spawnings will be also reduced due to lack of materials for the spawn to adhere to.

Late March has seen the return of the Coots from last year along with a pair of Swans and a pair of Canada Geese. All of these birds have been fighting for nest sites around the pond which seems now to have come to a compromise. The noise meantime certainly broke the tranquility on numerous occasions.

The swans have settled into the long reed bed towards the bottom end of the lake, the Canada Geese are nesting on the middle island with at least one Coot nest on the floating island.

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The green shoots from the various plants are now showing through all over, with daffodils already present and three bunches of Loddon Lillies flowering at the top end of the lake.

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Mid April saw another electro fishing session by Martin Moore of Moore & Moore Carp for any remaining pike in the still in the pond. The activity previously seen last year has been significantly less to date since the last session towards the end of the previous year.

Sunday 15th April 2012 saw the pond electro fishied once again by Martin Moore of Moore & Moore Carp. The last session had seen a good few, but small pike. The winter had not seen much surface activity, so the possible outcome was unclear. The first pass saw 24 pike brought to the net, starting off with fairly small fish. A similar size to those from the previous session. However this would soon change as a couple of possible bigger females were netted. The second pass about 45 minutes later also produced a couple of larger fish but only 8 in total. the pictures below show some of what was caught, main for the record, but nice to see their condition and size. Hopefully the larger pike that had been caught will not have spawned this year, but if left would definitely do so next year.

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