November 2012

November 2012

Since the high river levels and floods during October, the cooler although mild weather has seen the plant life die back and the pond prepare for winter. Small fish are being caught to pleasure anglers such as Rudd, Roach, Skimmer Bream, Chub and Dace. The beds of lillies have now pretty much gone although they have lasted a lot longer than in previous years along with the Norfolk Reeds turning their straw colour.

The Duckweed has now all but gone with a few remnents remaining here and there but the autumn winds have brought the leaves from the surrounding trees to the waters surface giving the pond a new type of coat. Hopefully these wont stay to long and get blown into the margins.

The heavy rain in mid November has seen the flood waters only just entering the pond over the banks at its lowest points. The permenant and temporary fences look to be doing their jobs in containg the fish both from entering and escaping via the flood waters.

The planned electro fishing set for the 25th November went ahead despite the flood waters in the surrounding fields which had been rising overnight. These would eventually start flowing over the pond banks in a couple of places towards mid morning. The session started with two sweeps of the deeper end of the pond. The first pass brought the smallest of the days pike, probably a male of some 9 to 10" long and not many silver fish at all. Mostly small skimmers, roach and rudd. The second pass of the net on the opposite side produced another pike of about 12 to 14" long, again probably a male, but this time more small young silver fish. With the net now out of the water, attentions turned to the electro fishing. The first sweep brought 4 larger fish to the boat, this time probably females that would easily spawn in February of the coming year. The second pass only produced one large pike. 

The session had ended with mixed feelings about the pond. Firstly, some large pike had been caught, obviously rducing the numbers. Secondly, the fact that we hadn't caught many could mean that there were not many left overall. On the dissapointing side, we had seen very few fish caught in the netting although plenty had been caught when removing the duckweed months earlier. Also none of the bigger skimmer bream, tench or crucians had shown on the electro fishing passes leaving everyone pondering on the way ahead. Another session is planned for February in the lead up to the spawning time for pike

.The club would like to thank Martin Moore and Paul Draper for their help and use of the equipment and to those members who attended and lent a hand.