January to March 2013

The winter months have brought snow and floods to the pond leaving a sparse and beaten look to the water. The wet weather before christmas has left the surround areas waterlogged and sodden and keeping the pond water level very high for a long time. The water surface has been frozen on occasions but not for any length of time. The matches that have been fished on the pond have showen very poor catch returns if at all and answers are being sought into possibilites. The stocking of the Roach in December might have added to the fish catches during the cold spells but even these have not been seen. Cormorants have been scared off the pond over the last month and these could have well taken the silver fish at dawn when human presence was not around. The pond was electro fished at the beginning of March for any remaining pike might have a chance of Spawning. What appeared to be a female of around 4 - 5lb that had been seen since the last session in November was caught along with only four other small pike of arounf 10" in length. It would seem that very few pike now remain. Some of the larger Tench from Decembers stocking were caught during the electro fishing along with a skimmer bream of about 12oz that appeared to have cormorant damage and one or two larger Roach and Rudd. Plenty of small Roach and Rudd came to the surface in the margins, stunned by the electric current from the gear but none of the size that were stocked. These were obviously from spawnings.

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