April 2013

April 2013

The beginning of the month gave the pond a more bedraggled and down trodden look than anything seen over the winter months. It seems the lateness of spring this year has had a more noticable delay, not only on the growth of the plant life but on that of the nesting birds as well. It looks as though the pair of swans and geese will see some young this year after being washed out by floods the previous season. We can only wait and see as to the numbers that hatch, as both sets of birds have rarely been off their nests.

The cormorants dont seem to have been around too much since the swans and geese have been nesting. Mind you, judging by the way the cob swan chases the male goose around the entire pond, its no wonder anything else might be keeping its distance.

One noticable sight this month has been the abundance of frogs and toads in the margins of the pond. Given the warmer weather towards the end of April, we might well see plenty of frog spawn in the edges, although once any carp find it, it wont be around for long.

The middle of April saw 5 male carp become available from Moore & Moore Carp. The fish ranged from 2-3lb and have been seen "mooching" around in the warmer areas of the pond on the sunny days. The short video is below along with the advice from Martin Moore to keep out of the way of the cormorants.


As of the end of April, there is still no real sign of any lillies breaking through although the Yellow Flag Iris and sedge grasses are growing rapidly. The Norfolk reed is just starting to show and all of these will provide some much needed cover lost over the winter months.

Some "woody debris" has been placed along the edge of the narrow reed island to give a little more cover and extra wood will be going in as time permits. Also some artificial structure are being made to use over next winter when the vegatation dies back, giving more protection to what silver fish still remain.