June 2013

June 2013

The images below were taken during a short duckweed clearing session at the beginning of June 2013. This was at the top end of the pond. Plenty of small Roach, Rudd, Bream, Minnows and possibly Chub or Dace came out along with the duckweed. Its good to see some small silver fish still present and we hope that they manage to grow over the summer.

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Looking towards the latter part of the year, its these fish we will need to protect over the winter against predation from cormorants and hopefully stay around for next season.

The strong winds on the 13-06-13 have taken their toll on some trees around the pond. It had been talked about felling one of these trees earlier in the year as it seemed only to be a matter of time before it would fall anyway. However mother nature has now taken care of this for us along with a couple extra as can be seen below. It would seem that the tree that had been leaning over was counter balancing the two remaining trees, and once down the others had given way as well.

joomplu:518 joomplu:520

The two trees across peg 12 on the bank have now been cleared and access restored. However the water borne tree will need a little more attention. The club would hope to use this where possible, as fish cover, but will need tidying up somewhat, rather than being completely removed. Keep an eye on the Decoy Pond Blog page for updates. Sunday 23rd had the remaining tree cut and moved in what seemed no time at all. The small tractor borrowed from Swallowfield Park made short work of the tree which thankfully wasn't water looged. Once cut it was floated round into postion on the opposite side of the long reed bed to provide more cover for fish over winter, and staked down keep it in position. The stumps still remain with one still in the water, but this will give another feature to fish to from pegs 12 & 13.

Some noteable fish have been caught over the last month and are shown below.

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