Why Do I Have To Take My Unused Bait Home.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!! do not throw your unused bait into the water or on the banks at the end of your session. TAKE IT HOME!!.

At present, the presence of vermin such as rats and mink are very very low, although they are about. We would ask you not to encourage them to take up residence by leaving food out for them.

It has been shown that when anglers baits break down, they add nutrients to the water encouraging the growth of algae. The worst baits are the ones with very little water in them, such as pellets. These release high levels of nitrogen and phosphorous which are plant fertilisers, and, in extreme cases can lead to either ammonia release, which is toxic to fish, or de-oxygenation at night because there is so much algae in the water.

Fish will learn to adapt their feeding times to be when there will be plenty of food available which could lead to poorer catches during the allowable fishing times of the pond.