Are there any bait bans or limits

Yes!. Please read the list below which is taken from the Club Rules.

Additional Rules Specific to the Decoy Pond


  1. All existing and future SFC General and Match Rules apply.
  2. A maximum of twelve anglers may fish the Decoy Pond at any one time.
  3. A maximum of twelve cars may use the Decoy Pond car park at any one time.
  4. All anglers must have their EA Rod license, SFC membership card and permit, or guest ticket if applicable, with them at all times.
  5. Anglers must only use the path to the Decoy Pond shown on the map.
  6. Fishing is allowed between 08:00 and 20.00 and only then during daylight hours. Fishing before sunrise or after sunset is not allowed. Anglers must not arrive at the Decoy Pond or car park before 08:00 and must leave by 20:30 or sooner if it gets dark.
  7. Anglers must use barbless hooks only.
  8. Anglers must park their cars in the designated car park and not exceed the speed limits displayed. Please respect the residents of Swallowfield House, many of whom are elderly. Note: Please make sure that you will not exceed the maximum number of anglers allowed before you start to fish. This is to minimise any disturbance to the residents of Swallowfield House. Please see the map for access routes and parking.
  9. No litter to be left anywhere.
  10. No Alcohol.
  11. No Fires
  12. Fish from the marked pegs only.
  13. 1kg groundbait (dry weight) per angler per session.
  14. Feed pellets should be of the coarse or carp variety (low oil content), Trout & Halibut pellets (high oil content) may be used as hook baits only.
  15. No Dog or Cat meat.
  16. No cereal, seed or nut based baits, with the exception of sweetcorn, maize & hemp.
  17. Any unused bait must be taken home.
  18. If you wish to photograph fish catches, please make sure that your photographic equipment is ready to hand.
  19. No unused bait to be thrown into the lake - Take it home !!.
  20. No Tackle to be left unattended.
  21. No fixed leads.
  22. Keepnets may be used but must be completely dry before being used. This is to minimise the transfer of disease.
  23. No fish over 1lb to be put in keepnets.
  24. No carp sacks
  25. Unhooking mats to be used at all times.
  26. No braided main line.
  27. No method feeders.
  28. One rod per angler.
  29. No bite alarms
  30. Fish must be weighed in a wetted sling or landing net.
  31. Please do not fish to more than half way across the lake from your peg.